I live in Westbeth Artist's Housing in the West Village. I'm one of the luckiest 1% (if that high) of people on earth. If you don't know Westbeth, look it up. www.westbeth.org. Formerly the headquarters for Bell Labs,  Westbeth  was founded in 1970 and is the largest arts community in America, housing 383 artists and their families in live/work spaces that are increasingly becoming less "affordable." I applied in 1995, and waited 14 years (until 2009). More than affordable housing, it's a community of friends and artists who inspire me, acerbic and eccentric tenants who don't, and a majority who keep to themselves. Regardless, we need more of these in NYC. Westbeth produces original events like WestFest Dance Festival, Pen Literary Quest, Open House NY/Open Studio and has a 2900sf art gallery featuring resident and external artists. You can even rent the 2100sf Community Room www.westbethcr@gmail.com  I've been President of Westbeth Artists Residents Council since Dec. 2017, and prior to that, Admissions Chair since 2010. I’m also on the Board of Trustees to keep myself busy, and volunteer my design efforts for the community.  Come visit and I'll give you a tour!